Aircraft Information

N2453J is a 1999 Cessna 206H that was registered with FAA in November 2000.  It spent the first 17 years at West Houston Airport where the avionics were upgraded in 2017.  The aircraft was purchased by Caritas Air LLC in June of 2018 and is currently leased to the Gulf Coast Regional Flying Club.

  • Engine: 300 hp non-turbocharged Lycoming IO-540
  • 6 seat, third row can be removed for cargo
  • 1311 lb useful load
  • 140 knot cruise speed (600 nm range)
  • 730 nm range (@ 105 knots)
  • Garmin GTN 750 navigator
  • IFR certified
  • AP 140 autopilot with altitude hold
  • Active Traffic
  • Stormscope WX-950
  • ADS-B compliant

Rental rate:  $150 per Hobbs hour, wet

N2453J Status:

On August 4, the third row seat was removed for cargo.  If you need the seats installed, allow 15 minutes to install them and attach the seat belts. The seats are held in place by 8 pins.  The shoulder harness attachment needs a bolt on each side.  There is a socket wrench and socket in the tool bag in the back of the airplane.

Avionics Links

Auto Pilot

Honeywell Pilot's Guide for KAP 140


Garmin GTN (Garmin Touchscreen Navigator) 750 Pilot's Guide

Audio Panel

Garmin GMA 350/350c Pilot's Guide

Pilot Operating Handbook

Cessna 206H Pilot Operating Handook

Note - this is not the official POH for N2453J.  It is for a newer model but can be used for reference only.


Stormscope WX-950 Pilot's Guide

Engine Data Management

JP Instruments EDM-700 Pilot's Guide



Garmin GTX 345 ADS-B Trasnponder Pilot's Guide


Tips for Flying Cessna 206H v1.1 (pdf)